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Dental Sealants Stop Cavities in Their Tracks

Serving Greenville, Frisco, Melissa, sachse and Irving, TX

Child's smile examined with dental mirrorYour smile has several back teeth (also known as molars or premolars) that contain grooved chewing surfaces for eating. Unfortunately, these surfaces are prime targets for food accumulation and decay-causing bacteria, and what’s worse is that children may not be fully capable of keeping these areas clean while they’re first learning to brush and floss. At Texas Tiny Teeth Pediatric & Orthodontics, we’re here to help. Our doctors can actually keep these areas much safer by providing dental sealants here in our Frisco, Melissa, Sachse, Irving or Greenville, TX office locations.

Dental sealants are tough plastic coatings that are placed directly over the chewing surfaces of back teeth. They should last for multiple years with regular maintenance and oral hygiene, and our team will be sure to check their status at every following appointment. Please contact either of our practices today to schedule your son or daughter’s first appointment with us!